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"All Experts can breathe a sigh of relief, because the show has now introduced its most important character in Tommen’s kitty cat, Ser Pounce. If the writers of the show are worried about what to do to stall for time while waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish the books, can I suggest a full season of adventures with Ser Pounce as he navigates the city, bringing mice to justice?"

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asker What's your major in college?



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Handsome Aussie.

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Montipora digitata
29 Dec 13 at 11 pm

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Crash turned 3 today!

3 anos da minha vida nisto *corações*

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Crash turned 3 today!
3 anos da minha vida nisto *corações*


bitch you lack so much class marx declared you a utopia

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my parents fucking lied

talking to strangers on the internet was the best decision of my life

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